How can Greek life affect my college experience?

College is a transition for most people. Some students experience being away from home for the first time or living with other people! Most people experience a change in their day to day activities! Greek life provides members an opportunity to network with like-minded individuals who share similar goals. Greek life cultivates personal and professional development in young adults. Kappa Phi Gamma is dedicated to leadership development and engagement in community service! A sorority can provide numerous opportunities for a sister to grow and become her best self!

What are the benefits to being in a sorority?

A sorority allows sisters to develop life-long friendships which they can always cherish! There is a never-ending network of connections and sisters are always meeting new people who can also provide them academic resources or professional opportunities. Sororities are involved  within their campus community. Sisters have an opportunity to get involved with community initiatives for both service engagement and social enjoyment!

What is recruitment?

Recruitment or rush is a time when Greek organizations generate interest for their organizations. Usually recruitment occurs during the first few weeks of the semester but there are recruitment events throughout the year as well! Recruitment events will vary from informational meetings to service events or sisterhood activities. The purpose of these events are for potential new members or rushees to learn about the organization and for sisters to get to know rushees too! Kappa Phi Gamma requires a rushee to attend at least one informational and two other events to be considered for bid. There is a minimal GPA requirement from both the school and the sorority. Contact a sister to learn about specific rush events and requirements!

What is the process of joining a sorority?

A potential new member (PNM) must first attend recruitment events. The PNM may be eligible to receive an application. The application is formal document of the PNM's interest in joining the sorority. A PNM may be extended an interview based on her application. The interview is an opportunity for sisters to get to know the PNM more personally. The sisters will vote whether to give the PNM a bid or officially invitation to join the sorority. The PNM will then complete the New Member Education Program (NMEP) before crossing and officially becoming a sister!

What is the New Member Education Program?

The New Member Education Program (NMEP) is a time where a new member (NM) learns about the sorority. The NMEP provides the NM an opportunity to develop the insight she needs to be a good active sister. The NM will complete various projects and tasks that will encourage personal and professional development! NMs will meet sorority sisters from their respective school and other schools. There may be some travel involved in the NMEP. The NM will also learn about sorority rituals and traditions which make the sorority unique. For this reason NMs are asked to keep their involvement in the NMEP confidential. Sorority rituals and traditions should not be confused with hazing. 

All Kappa Phi Gamma Sorority, Inc. chapters and colonies prohibit hazing. All sorority members are required to attend a workshop designed to teach and enforce the risk management policies and safety against alcohol or substance use and hazing.   New Members are expected to follow policies of their respective schools and Greek councils. All city/state and country legal requirements are expected to be followed as well. Please view our risk management policy for more information.

What is the time commitment of the NMEP and being in a sorority?

New members do spend significant time meeting the requirements and expectations of the NMEP. The NMs will develop effective time management skills as they balance the NEMP with their other activities. We encourage PNMs to strongly consider whether they will be able to handle the commitments of the NMEP before joining. The NMEP is voluntary and a NM can discontinue her involvement at any time. The time commitment of the NMEP prepares a NM for the time commitment of active life. 

Active members participate in weekly chapter/colony meetings in addition to various other events. Events include internal events such as sisterhood retreats along with external events such as service projects and leadership workshops etc. Members of the Greek community will also support other Greek organizations at their events. Kappa Phi Gamma encourages all members to become involved in campus activities and leadership positions both inside and outside of the chapter/colony while remembering that academics always come first!

How will the NMEP or involvement in the sorority affect my grades?

There is a minimal grade point average (GPA) to be in Greek life. The requirement can vary between schools as well as chapters and colonies of the organization. New members are required to maintain a minimal GPA during the NMEP and failure to do so may result in dismissal from the NMEP. Kappa Phi Gamma enforces study hours for NMs to help them maintain their grades during the NMEP!

The minimal GPA must be met during active life as well. Greek life can provide academic resources such as mentorship and tutoring for members who may be struggling with their grades. Members may be prohibited from attending or participating in events if their grades are at risk. Scholarship is a principle of Kappa Phi Gamma and academics are always prioritized over involvement in the sorority.


What are the financial obligations of the NMEP and being in a sorority?

The NMEP may require some costs for NMs as they may need to purchase things to complete projects or tasks. NMs will be reimbursed for the minimal required costs of the NMEP. 

Active sisters are required to pay dues which is a financial contribution that funds activities of the sorority. Dues may vary between chapters and colonies of the organization. Kappa Phi Gamma has national dues which go towards our insurance policy and nationwide events such as national conference. Chapter or colony dues go towards the chapter or colony needs such as funding workshops or service projects. Usually the chapter or colony due amount includes the national due which the treasurer will separate and send to our National Board. We offer payment plans and are always willing to work with a sister to help her meet this financial obligation!

The sorority experience can include additional financial costs such as purchasing paraphernalia or attending events such as formal. These costs are usually optional and we encourage sorors to make the financial decisions best for them!