What is an Interest Group?

Kappa Phi Gamma has expanded to many schools but we are not yet at every school! If you are interested in becoming a sister you must join either through an existing chapter or colony OR by first creating an interest group! An interest group (IG) consists of members who are interested in chartering Kappa Phi Gamma at their school. Members of the IG must be collegiate students and be willing to go through a more extensive NMEP. 

Steps of the Interest Group
  • Learn About Kappa Phi Gamma! There are many sororities and Greek organizations. Take time to learn about our sorority and be sure this is the organization you are interested in starting!


  • Generate Interest in Kappa Phi Gamma! You cannot start Kappa Phi Gamma on your own. This is because once the sorority is chartered at your school you will be expected to do things such as hosting events which will be difficult to do by yourself. Talk to people who you think may be interested in starting Kappa Phi Gamma at your school. Create a group of interested members: this is the interest group. An interest group should have at least seven members. We highly encourage you to have more members because some people may not stay in the interest group. 


  • Contact the Executive Director of Expansion for Kappa Phi Gamma Sorority, Inc! Once you have established an interest group then you should email our Executive Director of Expansion at expansion@kappaphigamma.com Our E.D.E. will provide you more information about the sorority and the process of chartering Kappa Phi Gamma at your school. The E.D.E. will discuss your interest with the National Board and the sorority will determine if we are able to expand to your school. 


  • The Expansion Process! There are a lot of things which need to take place before expansion begins! The interest group must provide a dossier or formal application of intent and reason to start Kappa Phi Gamma at their school. Our E.D.E. will provide the interest group with the necessary documents and steps for expansion. The National Board will also contact your school administration to see if your school is open to the addition of Kappa Phi Gamma in fraternity and sorority affairs. This part of the expansion process can be time-consuming and requires patience.