"Character is the beliefs and behaviors of a person. Kappa Phi Gamma Sorority, Inc. has given me opportunities for personal development which have improved my character. My character is a reflection of who I am as a person. Being around people of high character  and integrity allows me to always be the best person whom I can be."

- Crystal Jain (Nu Chapter)


"Kappa Phi Gamma taught me that leadership is not just a title or position. Leadership is about action! Many people think a good leader is born with leadership potential but Kappa Phi Gamma has shown me how leaders are truly made. This sorority has given me so many opportunities to be a leader and make a difference!"

- Bisma Gowani (Delta Chapter)


"Kappa Phi Gamma recognizes the importance of  education. There is a minimal GPA to join and stay in the sorority. This motivates sisters to work hard so they can be active members of our organization in their schools and community. We have mandatory study hours and there is always a sister to study with too! We encourage academic achievement through our Emerald Endowment and Earn Your Stripes scholarships."

- Marlene Tom (Omicron Chapter)

Scholarship Opportunities


"It's the laugh and the cries through the highs and the lows. All the memories that we can share with one another for a lifetime. Sisters share the special bond that allows you to feel each other's emotions. Sisterhood is one of the strongest elements in a woman's life that allows her to be her best self. KPhiG taught me sisterhood and how it is there for you no matter where you are."

- Harminderjeet Kaur (Pi Colony)


"Kappa Phi Gamma is a platform to accomplish so many different projects as an indivudal while surrounded by other individuals who share the same interest in helping others. It has been a fulfilling experience to organize service projects and other initiatives on my campus. Every single person owes it to their community to reach out and do something for the greater good. I am so glad to have been given the opportunity to do my part and be able to do it with these letters!"

- Sukanya Kumar (Rho Colony)


"Culture has always been a significant part of my life and I wanted to always have my culture with me. KPhiG has given me a platform to be surrounded by women who are proud of their roots and allow me to grow in my own. We have collectively done so much for the betterment of South-Asian women by providing educational and professional resources to others. I am grateful to be a sister and hope to continue our good efforts through culture."

- Snigdha Madiraju (Lambda Chapter)  


"As a woman in today's world I am so lucky to have the support of so many wonderful women in my life! My sisters encourage me to be the best woman I can be! We support each other along with other women in the world around us. Kappa Phi Gamma showed me how much we can do when we all come together."

- Sneha Nambiar (Sigma Colony)


"I have learned to accept who I am and be accepting of others too! Kappa Phi Gamma has taught me the value of differences amongst people. The sisters of Kappa Phi Gamma are individually unique and together complete. This is something that I love and will always cherish about my sisterhood and sorority!"

- Susan Ouseph (Iota Chapter)