Growing Our Sorority

Kappa Phi Gamma has expanded to many schools, but we are not yet at every school! 

If you are interested in becoming a sister, you must join either through an existing Chapter/Charter or by creating an interest group at a school where our Sisterhood is not yet established at.

Below is an overview of what steps to take to start Kappa Phi Gamma at your college/university!

Interest Group

Garner interest for our Sorority among individuals on your campus to create an interest group. An interest group (IG) consists of members who are interested in chartering Kappa Phi Gamma at their school. Members of the IG must be collegiate students and be willing to go through a more extensive NMEP.

Contact KPhiG

Once you have established an interest group, you can email our Executive Director of Expansion at They will provide you more information about the Sorority and the process of chartering Kappa Phi Gamma at your school. They will act as a liaison not only between the IG and the National Board, but also between the National Board and the school's Greek Life office.


The interest group will submit a dossier to Kappa Phi Gamma. If the application is approved and the school is open for expansion, then the National Board will conduct interviews, followed by the New Member Education Program for the potential Charter Line.