The National Board

The National Board of Kappa Phi Gamma Sorority, Inc. is the governance of the sorority nationwide. The National Board members are alumnae sisters who have chosen to continue their involvement with the sorority and have been elected to their respective position. These sisters provide leadership to the sorority and guidance to the active sisters. The National Board is dedicated to the purpose of Kappa Phi Gamma and works towards the betterment of the sorority and sisterhood!

National President: Poonam Bhavsar

Nu Chapter | Drexel University

"I didn't know much about Greek-life when I arrived at Drexel University. I knew I wanted to be involved on campus by taking on leadership roles and I also wanted to make new friends! I joined Kappa Phi Gamma because I knew the Sorority would provide those opportunities for me. I stayed involved because the sisters made me feel like I had a home away from home! The philanthropy of cancer awareness is something I hold close to my heart and many of the Sorority's principles are those that I already strived to uphold. I enjoyed collaborating with other organizations to make a positive change on my campus and community while I was an active sister. I also truly loved traveling to chapters and colonies nationwide to meet sisters! I joined the National Board because I wanted to give back to the organization by making changes that would lead us into the future. As National President, I enjoy carrying out the vision of the Sorority and shifting it to suit today's generation. My favorite part of KPhiG has not changed over the years - it will always be becoming friends and making memories with sisters along with members of other organizations at the chapter and national level!"

Vice-President of Internal Affairs: Bisma Gowani

Delta Chapter | University of Houston

"I transferred colleges as an undergraduate student and being part of a Greek-organization was a wonderful way for me to meet new people and be involved in my campus community! Kappa Phi Gamma presented an opportunity to have the perfect balance to my college experience! As an active sister I got involved with different events on campus and met so many different people who positively influenced my college experience. I wanted to be on the National Board so I could lead the Sorority to its best. My role as Vice-President of Internal Affairs allows me to work towards the purpose of Kappa Phi Gamma with sisters nationwide! One of my favorite parts of being in KPhiG is the constant love and support I have from my sisterhood!" 

Vice-President of External Affairs: Nidhita Kothapalli

Lambda Chapter | George Mason University

"I decided to join Kappa Phi Gamma as a 17-year old freshmen. I was an international student and welcomed by sisters who invited me to celebrate holidays with their families so I never felt as though I was missing my own! I enjoyed being involved on campus and working with other minority students to make a positive difference! I was pushed to interact and work with other student leaders which helped me overcome my insecurities and become more confident in myself. I realized I had gained so much from Kappa Phi Gamma and I wanted to give back to this organization. My goal as Vice-President of External Affairs is to help Kappa Phi Gamma develop its potential as a sorority! I enjoy being in this position and working with other national organizations on various initiatives. I also enjoy planning our national philanthropy week with all our chapters and colonies! I have enjoyed getting to know each and every sister and learning about the unique culture and interests that each sister brings to our organization." 

Vice-President of Communications: Jue Patel

Iota Chapter | Temple University


"College is one of the best experiences that anyone can have because it allows you to learn so much about yourself and others in the world around you. I am so happy that I became a part of Greek-life as a sister of Kappa Phi Gamma!  KPhiG has given me some of my best friends and so many memories! I love supporting my chapter and the entire sorority through my role as Vice-President of Communications. I have recognized the platform a sorority provides for its members and hope Kappa Phi Gamma continues to grow! What I love about being a sister is seeing all the wonderful things our sisters do and being able to support them however I can!

Vice-President of Finance: Krishna Patel

Rho Colony | Rutgers University- Newark 

"I was a shy quiet girl that wanted to get out of her comfort zone when I came to college. I didn't know much about Greek-life but I knew I wanted to give back to my school and community, while also being the best version of myself. Kappa Phi Gamma helped me do everything I achieved for and more. I was able to make a difference on my campus because the sorority made a difference in my life. All of the principles that the sorority and the sisters held themselves to were something I admired from the beginning! Kappa Phi Gamma was not at my school but I wanted it to be! I chartered the sorority with others and together we brought KPhiG to Rutgers University- Newark! I am grateful to have made my mark on campus and have opened the door for many other women who now make a difference in our campus community!  By taking on the role of Vice President of Finance on the National Board, I was able to give back to the sorority that gave me so much. By contributing to the betterment of this sorority, I feel as if I have made an impact that I will cherish forever. I look forward to seeing the impact our sorority will make in the future!"

Executive Director of Alumnae Affairs: Zehra Valani

Delta Chapter | University of Houston

"Transitioning into college itself was an overwhelming experience for me. I knew there was something missing and being introduced to Greek-life was life-changing for me! Kappa Phi Gamma was a positive addition to my college experience. I was part of such a strong and inspiring organization that allowed me to grow as an individual and gain professional knowledge. I was always able to give back to the community with charitable actions. I love looking back at my active life experience to see how much I have learned and gained from the various roles I held within my organization. My personal growth through the sorority encouraged me to join our National Board as the Executive Director of Alumnae Affairs. I am able to encourage our alumnae to influence growth and inspiration throughout our chapters and colonies. Our alumnae involvement has been highly influential for our active sisters and will be for our future sisters as well."  

Executive Director of Expansion: Akta Patel

Theta Chapter | Virginia Commonwealth University

"There are many reasons to join Greek-life and be in a sorority. For me it was the opportunity to meet people who shared my goals for the future and to be able to work with different people to achieve those goals. Kappa Phi Gamma gave me the experiences I needed to become my best self. I have learned so many things which I use today in my personal and professional life! I love spending time with sisters not just at my own chapter but all across the country. I love encouraging girls to join KPhiG so they can have the same wonderful experience that I and many other sisters have had with the sorority! My position as Executive Director of Expansion has allowed me to make connections with so many people and lead Kappa Phi Gamma's growth as a sorority. My favorite part of KPhiG is that I have a sisterhood that will always be with me no matter where I go!

Executive Director of Marketing: Ashley George

Omicron Chapter | Rutgers University- New Brunswick

"I was a student leader in high school and came to college knowing that I wanted to be part of Greek-life. The principles of Kappa Phi Gamma aligned with my personal values and the philanthropy of cancer awareness encouraged me to join this organization. I was involved with other organizations on campus but my most cherished college memories have come from KPhiG!  The sorority made a difference in my life and gave me a chance to make a difference in the lives of others! One of my favorite memories as an active sister was being my chapter's philanthropy chair and planning our annual C.A.R.E. Week! I saw the positive contributions I was able to make in my chapter and wanted to continue that influence as a member of the National Board. My position of Executive Director of Marketing  gives me an opportunity to work with sisters nationwide and be a resource for our active sisters which I love!"