Our Scholarships

Over the years, the National Board has established scholarships to celebrate the academic achievements of Sisters. Each Chapter and Charter also created their own scholarship funds to award to someone on their campus, non affiliated with the Sorority, that has demonstrated not only academic success, but acts of service and leadership as well.



Earn Your Stripes

The Earn Your Stripes Scholarship is awarded by the National Board at each National Conference. This scholarship is awarded to Sorors with the highest GPA during the academic year, the Chapter/Charter with the highest GPA during the academic year, and the Chapter/Charter with the most improved GPA from the previous academic year. 




Emerald Endowment

The Emerald Endowment Scholarship is rewarded by individual Chapter/Charters to a woman on their campus who has demonstrated excellence in scholarship along with leadership and service to the community.

The applicant must be a full-time undergraduate student and may not be a member of the Sorority or a relative of a Soror. 

If interested in applying for the grant, please reach out to the Chapter/Charter located at your university!