Join Our Sorority

Membership into Kappa Phi Gamma is conducted by each school through their recruitment programs. If you are interested in joining our Sorority, below are some Frequently Asked Questions which may help you decide if participating in Kappa Phi Gamma's recruitment program is right for you.

What are the benefits to being in a Sorority?

College is a time to build connections, gain skills that follow into the professional world, and to find oneself. Greek Life provides members an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share similar goals by cultivating personal and professional development in young adults. A Sorority provides numerous opportunities for an individual to grow and become their best self. Joining Kappa Phi Gamma allows Sisters to become more involved on campus and within the community, whether it is in terms of leadership, service, cultural awareness, or social engagement.

In Kappa Phi Gamma, Sisters develop life-long friendships nationwide that they cherish after their undergraduate years. With Sorors across the nation, there are numerous networking opportunities with Sisters who can provide academic resources and professional mentorships. Our alumna find success in their professional and personal lives while proudly representing our Sorority. Check out our Sister Spotlights to read about what some of our alumni are doing after graduation!

What is Requirement?

Recruitment, or Rush, is the time when Greek organizations garner interest for their organizations. Most schools host official recruitment events during the first few weeks of the semester beginning. For Kappa Phi Gamma, events include informational meetings, service events, and sisterhood activities. The purpose of these informative and social events are for Potential New Members, or Rushees, to learn about the organization and to get to know Sisters!

What is the process of joining a Sorority?

After attending recruitment events, Potential New Members are eligible to receive an application to submit to the Sorority. Based on the application, Potential New Members may be offered an interview. The interview is an opportunity for Sisters to get to know the Potential New Member at a more personal level. Sisters vote to extend a Bid, an official invitation to join the Sorority, to individuals who are considered to be good fits for the Sisterhood. Those who accept their Bids will go on to becoming New Members in the New Member Education Program!

What is the New Member Education Program?

Kappa Phi Gamma’s New Member Education Program (NMEP) occurs after the recruitment period once bids are given. The NMEP is an educational time where a New Member learns about the history of the Sorority and responsibilities of being an active Sister. The NMEP provides New Members the opportunity to develop professional skills and personal development. Members will learn how to participate in general body meetings, plan events on and off campus, and become confident in their presentation skills through various New Member activities. At the end of this process, New Members are crossed over into Kappa Phi Gamma as a Sister.

A unique aspect of Kappa Phi Gamma’s NMEP is that New Members meet Sorority Sisters from across the nation. Sisters from their respective school and other Chapters/Charters will provide them with support throughout the program and the rest of their lives.

Does Kappa Phi Gamma haze?

Kappa Phi Gamma Sorority, Inc. strictly prohibits hazing as stated in the National Constitution and Risk Management Policy and in accordance with Greek Council policies, university policies, and state laws. Our NMEP is focused on making a positive impact on our members’ growth and development.

All Sorority members are required to participate in training designed to enforce risk management policies, safety against alcohol/substance use, and hazing. Kappa Phi Gamma views hazing as a serious offense and any activity that hints of hazing will warrant disaffiliation of Sorors and deactivation of Chapters/Charters.

Please view our Risk Management Policy for more information.

What is the time commitment being in a Sorority?

New Members spend a significant amount of time in the New Member Education Program. During the program, they develop time management skills to balance the requirements of the NMEP with other activities. The NMEP is usually 6-8 weeks long depending on the university and prepares New Members for the time commitment of being a proactive active.

Active members participate in weekly or bi-weekly Chapter/Charter meetings to plan events of each academic term/semester. Events include internal events (i.e. sisterhood retreat, Presents ceremonies, New Member activities) and external events (i.e. workshops, service events, leadership conferences).

Members of the Greek community also support other organizations at their events. Kappa Phi Gamma encourages all members to become involved in various campus activities and leadership positions inside and outside the Sorority so long they are able to balance their social life with their academic obligations.

How will involvement in the Sorority affect my grades?

Kappa Phi Gamma values academics as scholarship is one of our eight principles. The reason students attend college is to receive an education and experience for their future careers. Students must maintain a minimal grade point average (GPA) to participate in Greek Life at their respective universities. Individual Chapters/Charters may also set a GPA that is higher than the school’s requirement for New Members to join or for Sisters to remain active. As we hold academics to a high standard, failure to maintain the minimal criteria can cause dismissal from the NMEP and inactive status to Sorors.

Kappa Phi Gamma encourages study hours during the NMEP and many active continue to use that framework to set their study schedules for the rest of their undergraduate years. We encourage students to use academic resources provided by the university such as tutoring, revising centers, and mentorship programs.

What are the financial obligations of being in a Sorority?

As with most Greek Life Organizations, dues are required to fund activities of the Sorority. Kappa Phi Gamma has national dues that goes toward our insurance policy, national events, and expansion efforts. Chapter/Charter dues vary depending on the school and are usually used toward hosting workshops, philanthropy events, and sisterhood retreats.

The sorority experience may include additional financial costs such as purchasing paraphernalia or attending events such as National Conference and formals. These costs are optional and we encourage Sorors to make the financial decisions best for them.

Can I join even if I'm not South Asian?

Of course! While the Sorority was founded as the first South Asian based Greek Letter Organization, we embrace women of all backgrounds into our Sisterhood. Our membership has always had Sisters from a myriad backgrounds, even among our Founders. With culture being one of our eight principles, we celebrate diversity and acceptance by promoting cultural awareness through our New Member Program and hosting events on our campus and communities.